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What TV Costs

You have two main costs for television advertising, the creative on the commercial and the buying of your media space.


The creative process can be a lot of fun, however that smile can be wiped off your face if your advert fails to get a response. To make sure your advert works you must, at the very least, carry a “coherent message” so viewers understand what you’re offering. The production must portray the correct “brand values” for whatever market or audience you’re trying to target.

Guerillavision keep things totally transparent. Like anything, the more you spend the more you get and within our company there are 3 chargeable areas of production.

Pre Production – Creative Ideas, Scripts, Storyboards, Research, Planning, Set Design, Casting, Budgeting, Scheduling and Pre Clearance.

Production – Studio, Set Building, Shooting, Animation, Graphic Design, Music Composition and Voiceover Record.

Post Production – Editing, Grading, Audio Dubbing, Mastering and Clearance.

Sometimes our clients have brilliant ideas, in other cases simply goals and therefore we come up with a market strategy and create a range of ideas to choose from.

Each time we produce a creative from scratch we learn your business, assess your industry and apply our knowledge of TV advertising to create a targeted commercial that gets results.

For first time advertisers we often recommend running a test campaign. This basically means we keep the creative simple to test the market and get a cost of acquisition. This allows you to see if it’s cost effective to scale up the creative and the buying. This has proved a very popular service because you can start to see results, whilst the risk is limited.


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